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This Community is for the MOD & MAKERS of Axlrose_Worship!

Here topics concerning the community axlrose_worship are discussed. This is for the mods and the makers & users that want to become makers or run projects!

The Community axlrose_worship Mods & Graphics Makers!
If you would like to be a graphics maker or run a project for axlrose_worship fill out one of the two surveys below!

_rocket_queen_ -Mod
i_am_axl -Mod
teenspirit - Mod & Graphics Maker
tokitoh -Graphics Maker
r0ck_ -Graphics Maker

Fill this out if you want to be in control of a a project:

01. What kind of project do you want run?
02. Do you want any help with this project?
03. Explain how this would be run.
04. Are you a active user?
05. How often are you on lj?
06. How long would this project go on for?
07. Anything else we should know about it?

Only do this if you are active and have the time to run a project.

Fill this out if you want to make prizes for awards:

01. Are you a active lj user?
02. How often are you on lj?
03. Would you have the time to make (monthly) prizes every now and then?
04. Would you be willing to make personalized graphics for other members that win awards?

Your Graphics:

Show us at least 5 Graphics you have made (icons, FO banner, ect.):


Once you fill out either one of these surveys & post it here the mods & makers of axlrose_worship will look at it, see if the project is something able to be done in a nice fashion and more the likely accept your activity. You need the approval of 2 MODS at least!

As for makers, your graphics will be looked at, voted on, and then votes added up.

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