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It seems that the theme, prize and points system didn't really work out with the community (Noone really seemed to participate much in it). So idk what you guys wanna do to keep everything active n' all with the community?


I guess for now if everyone wanted to post surveys or anything else in there maybe that would work out?

Sorry I have been a sucky mod too.
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I was thinking that maybe we should make all the graphics and download posts on the axl community "members only" so people just skimping through the community can't just steal them, they have to be a member to see them.
And we could put in the user info something like "To get the graphics and downloads, Join this community!"
lol or a 'catchy' slogan like that. (Maybe I could make a graphic that says something like that, if you guys think this is a good idea) It just bothers me when people skim through the communities and aren't even members. I think only members should be able to get the icons and downloads!
What do you guys think?
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I only have my Ulead trial for seven more days, so should I make anything (animated) for the community before it's done?
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Hey hey. Sorry I haven't been around much, just got some stuff going at the moment. But don't worry I will get to work ASAP! But in the mean time here is some ideas I thought MAY work... who knows. I dont know how active some of the members are or not.

Well anyways here is some ideas for you guys to maybe look at or something. If you don't like them say so- Im a week 3 Sag, I like the truth and I can handle it. ( :

I was once in a graphics community where makers did freebies. You would show example of what you were doing and say how many requests you were making. They would provide the picture and what not. And you would make them the graphics and then once you had enough requests filled post them for them to pick up.

So I was wondering what you guys thought about that? If maybe that sounds like it might help the community grow and survive a little more so then others. (One to many GNR communities DIE I dont want it to happen to this one!)

Another thing I was thinking to was maybe we could make surveys sometimes and post them for people to take and do in thier own journals, or maybe use them for themes... i am not sure... shrug*

I am not sure what more we can do to liven things up and keep them that way... also as far as the prizes... what do you guys think? Makers can basically do what you want. Maybe if a maker would each claim a place (there is only 3 winners at the end of every month) and say what they want to do fro thier prize. So far Gitterdun62 is listed as first prize for making a graphic, lol im not trying to pressure anyone! But if you wanna do something then probably say what you want ot do here in a comment, or make a post later in this community sayig what you will do.

I had something else to say but I forgot lol. Oh yes! Gitterdun had a good idea about songs and a picture I think? I kind of forgot with all the drama going on around. lol

So any suggestions, thoughts, or anything...? Share them.

Also... do you think that us mods & makers here should not be able to claim prizes?

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This community is for the mods and makers of the community axlrose_worship

This was made to make the other community more cleaner looking. So that way things won't be as sloppy. Hopefully we can get more more active members in the other community too. So if you have any ideas, graphics, or anything for the community you can bring them here... you will still get points. So don't worry about being cheated. More will be covered later.